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Designing for PLAN Okanagan: A Rebrand Story

When I first met with Denise Martell (Director & RDSP Presenter for PLAN Okanagan), it was to assess whether or not PLAN Okanagan would be a good fit for my “Design Day for GOOD” initiative. I had never even heard of PLAN Okanagan, nor did I know much about the great work they do for individuals with disabilities and their families. Denise gave me the abbreviated version of the PLAN Okanagan story, and we talked a bit about the programs, resources, workshops, and support networks they provide. All done on a very limited budget, with one part-time staff member, and a lot of volunteer support. Needless to say, it didn’t take much convincing before I knew I needed to help this nonprofit organization refresh its look and help create professional assets that would help them to reach a greater audience and garner more support.

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