Future Planning

What comes after graduation? What PATH have your loved ones dreamed for themselves? Where do we go for resources on RDSPs (Registered Disability Savings Plan)? What is a succession plan?

These pressing questions and more are presented in a series of sessions in person and virtually throughout the Okanagan. Check out the Schedule of Workshops and Events table on the Workshops page for dates, times, and locations of these recurring Future Planning workshops and more.

Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a unique and powerful tool for providing long-term financial security for people with disabilities. It is a savings plan offered to individuals with a Disability Tax Credit under the age of 60 that has a generous government contribution component and is offered through all major Canadian Banks and some Credit Unions. Establishing an RDSP early for the beneficiary can maximize the government and personal contributions, have increased financial gain from compounded interest, and allow the beneficiary to withdraw funds from the plan at a younger age. It is one of the best programs for anyone with a Disability Tax Credit to make financial gains and should be an important component of any future planning for people with disabilities.

To learn more about setting up an RDSP for your loved one check out the RDSP.com or you can attend an RSDP Workshop offered by PLAN Okanagan and its affiliates.

Safe and Secure: Seven Steps on the Path to a Good Life for People with Disabilities

Safe and Secure: Seven Steps on the Path to a Good Life for People with Disabilities is an invaluable guidebook for family members that are concerned about what the future holds for their loved ones with disabilities. It combines heartfelt stories with practical advice and tips for families on how to create a safe and secure future for individuals with disabilities.

It is recommended reading for anyone new to PLAN Okanagan and we offer facilitated Book Club sessions for those people seeking to understand their role more deeply and network with other families. Check our Workshops page for times and locations.

Facing the Future Together

Do you have a succession plan of care for your loved ones? PLAN Okanagan can help with this difficult question and more. Bringing families together to develop a cohesive and comprehensive plan of succession is an important step in securing a bright future for individuals with disabilities. Going beyond the financial considerations we help families understand the importance of each other’s roles, responsibilities, and relationships as a strong network of support for their loved ones with disabilities especially when someone in that network becomes unable to continue in their respective roles.

Workshops are available to help families through this process on our Workshops page.

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Ensuring a smooth transition of assets and care is of the utmost importance when discussing wills, trusts, and estates. Maximizing benefits and assuring continued care of loved ones requires a considerable amount of forethought and planning. Naming an executor of the will and planning administration of your estate is only a small part of future planning. Learning about wills, power of attorney, representation agreements, tax planning, and trusts will help bring peace of mind. Considering a number of possible outcomes while planning and replanning accordingly will help to ensure the financial safety and security of your loved ones when you are no longer capable of taking care of them.

PLAN Okanagan can put you in touch with the appropriate people to help with estate planning and offers workshops on this difficult subject that is specific to families with loved ones with disabilities.

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