Mission, Vision & Values

PLAN for the future.

Peace of mind for people with disabilities and their families. PLAN Okanagan is a not-for-profit charity established in 2002 by families that have a relative with a disability.

Our Mission

The purpose of PLAN Okanagan is to create safe and secure futures, in the community, for people with disabilities and their families.

Our Vision

Our dream is that no one be alone.

Our Core Principles

In all of our work PLAN Okanagan is guided and inspired by four core principles.

❶ Caring Relationships are the key to safety, security and a good life. Cultivating loving networks for individuals with disabilities is the heart of PLAN Okanagan’s work.

Contribution equals citizenship. People with disabilities have important contributions to make to our communities, and PLAN Okanagan works to ensure the people it serves are recognized for their contributions.

Self-sufficiency makes us more effective. Independence from direct government funding enables PLAN Okanagan to advocate on behalf of individuals and families without fear of consequences.

Commitment to family direction. PLAN Okanagan is structured to ensure it will always be directed by and accountable to families.

We believe Relationships are the foundation of a safe & secure future.

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